At The Synthetic Grass Project, we are firm believers that artificial grass isn’t just for the balcony or backyard. With a little creativity, there’s no end of practical and decorative applications for our range of synthetic grass.

We supply and install indoor artificial turf for homes and businesses across Melbourne. With quality artificial turf, you can bring the outdoors indoors. Soft, safe and highly durable, it’s ideal for floor or wall coverings for home and businesses. 

Available in a selection of pile heights, sizes, styles, colours, all our synthetic grass is child safe and pet safe, UV and water resistant and perfect for heavily trafficked areas. 

Indoor Artificial Turf

We have installed indoor artificial turf across a range of properties including: 

  • Homes
  • Schools and preschools
  • Daycare centres
  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Bars and cafes
  • Exhibition and convention centres 
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Sports and recreation centres
  • Indoor putting greens and mini golf
  • Pet and animal facilities

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Artificial sports grass is frequently used in indoor sports complexes, gyms, and fitness centres. It provides a durable, low-maintenance surface for activities such as soccer, football, tennis, synthetic putting greens, and track and field.

Play Areas and Recreation Centres

Indoor play areas, amusement parks, and recreational centres commonly use artificial turf to create safe and attractive surfaces. It can be installed in playrooms, trampoline parks, and indoor playgrounds, providing a soft and cushioned environment for children.

Home Gyms and Exercise Spaces

Artificial turf is ideal for home gyms or exercise areas. It offers a clean and comfortable surface for workouts, yoga, and stretching exercises. Additionally, it absorbs impact and reduces the risk of injuries.

Indoor Landscaping and Decor

Artificial turf can be used to enhance indoor landscaping and decor. It can be applied as a carpet-like covering for floors, walls, or even ceilings, creating a unique and natural-looking environment. Offices,bars and restaurants and event venues can use artificial turf to create eye-catching and inviting spaces.

Retail and Commercial Spaces

Retail stores, malls, and exhibition spaces can incorporate artificial turf for thematic displays or temporary installations. It can be used for promotional areas, trade show booths, or product showcases, adding an element of novelty and attracting attention.

Pet Areas and Training Facilities

Artificial turf is great for indoor pet areas, such as pet daycare centres, boarding facilities, or veterinary clinics. It provides a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface for pets to play and exercise. Additionally, it can be used for dog training and agility courses.

Film and TV Production

Artificial turf is commonly used in the entertainment industry, particularly for indoor sets, stages, and green screen backgrounds. Its versatility, ease of installation, and ability to replicate natural grass make it a popular choice for various filming requirements.

Benefits of Indoor Artificial Turf


  • Easy to install
  • Natural appearance
  • Soft underfoot
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Slip resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • UV resistant
  • Can be installed on most surfaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Great for insulating
  • No watering required
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Water resistant

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